Conspiracy Theory #1: Pearl Adopted?

Hi, I’m Jackninja5 and on my blog, I plan on writing up my conspiracy theories in real life and on fiction. The first topic is on a character from Nickelodeon’s last chance for good shows, SpongeBob SquarePants. This character is named Pearl Krabs. She is the daughter of Krusty Krab owner, Eugene H. Krabs. However, the two are different species. Mr. Krabs is a sea crab while Pearl is a sperm whale. Mr. Krabs’ wife cannot be a sperm whale too as that would lead to a genetic splicing of Pearl instead of an actual sperm whale. So what is Pearl’s real relation to Mr. Krabs?

Pearl is a 16 year old and her personality is nothing like Mr. Krabs. She is a spoiled brat who spends a lot of money while Mr. Krabs tries to keep it all safe to himself. Children usually have something descended from their parents but Pearl does not physically or personality-wise. So could she have been adopted? Mr. Krabs is a greedy, self-centred jerk so it’s hard to see him get a wife so it is possible for Pearl to be adopted. Her biological parents may have died and so she was raised by Mr. Krabs, an oddly kind thing for him to do. But why would a greedy fat cat want a daughter? Studies have shown that family men tend to have a happier life than lone men. Since Mr. Krabs probably can’t get a wife, he decided to adopt Pearl instead.

However, there is one episode which seems to counteract my theory. In the episode, “Dungeons and Dragons”, set in the 12th century, there is Princess Pearl Krabs I, daughter of King Krabs. Is she really the king’s daughter or was she adopted then too? Maybe ESB is wrong when saying she is an ancestor of Pearl today. Also, it seems odd that Mr. Krabs would become cheap when he is descended from a monarch so maybe King Krabs isn’t his ancestor either.

Maybe I’m just overthinking this. After all, SpongeBob SquarePants does unrealistic things. However, things like this really make one question.


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