Conspiracy Theory #2: Dr. Zomboss

Hi, I’m Jackninja5, writing about another conspiracy theory. This time it’s based on Dr. Zomboss, the main antagonist of the Plants vs. Zombies franchise. Despite this, he is not really seen and was only seen in the last level of the first game as well as a mini-game titled Dr. Zomboss’ Revenge. But who exactly is Dr. Zomboss? What are his motives in the game? What exactly is Dr. Zomboss?

Dr. Zomboss has created many Zombots in the first two Plants vs. Zombies games for boss battles. However, unlike most zombies, he never targets the player’s house. The zombies of the franchise are often portrayed as idiots but not Dr. Zomboss. In the first game, the zombies are shown to have poor grammar when writing notes to the player but Dr. Zomboss’ note at the end was in perfect grammar and in a perfect font. Could Dr. Zomboss even be considered a zombie? No zombie could create a machine like a Zombot. It requires brain power which Dr. Zomboss seems to have. Another theory proving Dr. Zomboss is not a zombie could be the trailer to the mini-game, ZomBotany, where he splices the plants with zombies as form of genetic engineering. This shows that the scientist might be using zombies as test subjects for his experiments. However, Dr. Zomboss does have abnormally grey skin. The zombies in the game have that same colour of skin. And why don’t the zombies eat Dr. Zomboss’ brains? He’s clearly putting himself in danger with a zombie army.

The motives of Dr. Zomboss are a mystery as well. He never targets the house yet he still fights them. He does send zombies to eat the brains however. This may be a secret plot by him that PopCap Games are not telling us. He may be trying to get more zombies into his army, which is why he targeted your lawn at day and night, then your backyard at day and night and then your roof. As you may have learn from playing the game, zombies get increasingly harder to beat including the Football Zombie and Gargantuar showing Dr. Zomboss is learning from his mistakes of sending such weak zombies, despite still doing so. One question remains though. A Bungee Zombie kidnaps Crazy Dave before the last level yet he is still alive in the music video of Zombie On Your Lawn and other games after the first. Why hasn’t he had Crazy Dave made into a zombie?

The antagonist of Plants vs. Zombies is one of the most mysterious villains ever created. Could he really be plotting to take over the world with his zombie army?


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