Conspiracy Theory #3: Is Turkey Funding ISIS?

Hi, I’m Jackninja5 and my next conspiracy theory I shall talk about is actually a real event. It’s about the Republic of Turkey, founded as a secular nation in 1923. However, since 2003, it has been getting increasingly conservative. There have been concerns of it having links to the terrorist group, ISIS. So are Turkey and ISIS in cahoots?

Since August 2014, the President of Turkey has been Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He was the Prime Minister since 2003. It has been shown that he does not tolerate those who oppose him and his involvement in the Syrian Civil War has caused great concern. This could be an issue as Turkey is a member of NATO and the United States has been involved in the region to fight ISIS. Turkey has already funded anti-government rebels since 2011 and border skirmishes have occurred between Turkey and Syria. In October 2014, Turkey surprisingly lost their bid for a seat in the UN Security Council due to concerns raising of Erdogan’s willingness to support ISIS-aligned insurgents against the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad. Turkey’s involvement in the war is on the verge of turning into a full-scale border war with Syria, which could make a bad situation even worse.

What concerns more people than how hardline Erdogan’s stance against Assad is would be skirmishes with the Syrian Kurds in the region known as Rojava. When Turkey intervened, Erdogan was reluctant to fight ISIS members and has been criticised for targeting Kurds. ISIS has revealed to be committing possible genocide against the Kurds of Syria and Iraq and many Kurds fleeing Syria into Turkey have been shot by border police. Turkey asserts that helping the Kurds fight ISIS could also be funding the PKK insurgents looking for independence of a Kurdish state in Turkey. Turkey has had a history with suppressing Kurdish revolts so an alliance between Turkey and ISIS could be made to defeat the Kurds. It had also been revealed by news stations like the ANF that while interrogated by Kurdish fighters some ISIS members had made testimonies linking funding to the Erdogan regime. Turkey only began fighting ISIS in July 2015 but it still looks like they are really targeting Kurds. It could be possible that Erdogan had sponsored the terrorist attacks by ISIS going on in Turkey but there is no evidence of this.

Turkey is a member of NATO which means that if Turkey decides to align with ISIS, many countries like the USA and UK may have to align with them as well. Turkey had a Russian warplane shot down in 2015 causing strains in relations and putting the world at a risk of a world war. Erdogan and ISIS do have similar ideals with conservative Islamism so it does not seem to far fetched that Turkey is really the financial backer of the richest terrorist organisation in the world.


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