Conspiracy Theory #4: Did L know Light was Kira all along?

Hi, I’m Jackninja5, presenting you with another conspiracy theory. This one is based on the well-known anime, Death Note. First, a disclaimer: If you don’t like spoilers, you might want to close this tab as it is full of them.

Death Note stars Light Yagami, who found a book dropped by a shinigami, Ryuk, known as the Death Note. When one writes the name of a person while thinking of their image in their head so as not to affect those who share the name, the person dies within 40 seconds. If a type of death is not specified, it will be a heart attack that kills them. The eleventh section of the rules says “Even after the individual’s name, the time of death, and death condition on the Death Note were filled out, the time and condition of death can be altered as many times as you want, as long as it is changed within 6 minutes and 40 seconds from the time it was filled in. But, of course, this is only possible before the victim dies.” Light uses this to kill all criminals (kinda reminds you of Rodrigo Duterte, am I right?) in the world to make it a better place with him as a god. However, the rights of prisoners are also important even if they have committed horrific crimes. Nations banded together and called a detective known as L to catch the killer, who the internet dubbed as Kira. L had done a lot to try to catch Kira but he died halfway through the series from Kira himself. However, did L know all along that the first Kira at least was Light?

L knew that Kira was living in Japan as the first of his victims’ crimes were only reported on Japanese media. He even tested Kira by sending a criminal who was due for execution to pose as him on a public broadcast and present his name. Light wrote the name as expected but was pissed when he found out it was a fake. L used the letter as an alias and kept his face hidden behind a big L on a MacBook Pro. He launched an investigation in Japan to catch him and noticed a pattern in killings. The criminals were all dying during out-of-school hours making L suspect Kira might be a student. Since Light’s father was chief of the police force, Light hacked into the investigation and received information about it causing him to change his tactics and kill a criminal every hour. This caused suspicion to L that the culprit might be someone in the task force or one of their family members. FBI agent Raye Penber spied on Light so he began planning to get rid of him and other FBI agents. After revealing his name to him during a bus-jacking, Light was able to kill him but not after forcing him to write down the names of all other FBI agents in Japan. Due to fears of Kira targeting anyone who tries to stop him, the task force was severely shortened. This was not just due to the fears but also because L and the Japanese police mistrusted each other. L moved to a hotel in the Kanto region to meet the remaining officers to rebuild the trust between them.

However, could this “trust” really be him trying to get to him? Light’s house had been wiretapped and a lot of security cameras had been placed to watch all the family members inside. Light had decided to fake L out by spending the day in his room looking at dirty magazines and studying, the latter of which while he was killing criminals by learning about their crimes via mini-TV hidden in his chip bag and writing their names in the same bag. Light’s father urged L that his family has been cleared but L claims they seem “too innocent”. L said it was only around 5% of a chance that he is Kira. However, he seems to be too suspicious towards someone who only has a 5% chance of committing the crime. This could be a cover for him to spy on Light without his father intervening. There are other members that he could spy on in the family and another family was also under investigation so why did he just pick Light? He even followed him into his entrance exam. L told him that he was L and tested Light’s deductive reasoning skills. Impressed by this, he offered Light to work for the task force. Light’s first involvement started when a copycat killer, Misa Amane, posed as Kira to send a message to the police that they can join him or die. Light was to write a script to pose as Kira for L and L said it was pretty impressive. This could be all L needs to prove his suspicions that Light IS Kira. Kira is pretty much in his flat!

L also kept suspecting Light of being Kira and seems to be aware that Light is really lying to him in a perfect cover-up. Misa found Light as Kira and decided to cooperate with him to become his girlfriend. She was later kidnapped by the police on suspicion of being the second Kira. She had been blinded and restrained in attempts to torture her into admitting to it. It was obvious that they would really like to have the Kiras executed as they gagged her to prevent her biting her tongue in a suicide attempt. Light had been watching this and thought of a plan to save them both by resigning the Death Notes for them both as part of his plan to kill L. He later asked L to interrogate him until proven innocent no matter what he says. L had him locked up for 50 days even after hearing that criminals were killed while he was locked up. L never even told him that. It could be L not wanting to admit he is wrong but he might actually be right. He seemed to only release Light after urges to do so from the rest of the task force. An execution of Light and Misa had been called but it was proven to be a false sentence. Since Light’s father was the driver, this could be why he decided not to kill Light as it would cause outrage. Light relinquished all memories of the Death Note for a while to take suspicion of himself but L had himself handcuffed to Light, even during dates. This shows L probably knows more than the show says.

In 2013, Edward Snowden revealed that the NSA had been spying on millions of people, some of whom are abroad. While in 2007, this wasn’t known, it could be entirely possible that L had access to NSA documents that may contain information on Light as his use of the internet can be browsed. This may also cause a debate about the NSA’s methods. L had also done some shady and even criminal acts to try to catch Light but ended up dying. He might have secretly supported Kira, which would explain why he used criminals scheduled for execution to stand in for him. However, whether he supports Kira or not, his choices would not be worth millions of deaths, including his own.


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